Associate Professor Dr Azanna Ahmad Kamar
Scientific Chairperson
21st Congress of The Federation of Asia & Oceania Perinatal Societies
& 28th Congress of The Perinatal Society of Malaysia

“Saving Mothers & Babies for The New World”

Dear colleagues,

The ambiguity of the new world may generate fear of the consequences of our present actions. The pride of our past accomplishments could have merely seemed to be of an avarice, exhausted due to the surge of the ubiquitous COVID-19 virus, the stalling economic state, and persistent wars. Despite the initiatives of the United Nation’s sustainable developmental goal targets crafted during the pre-COVID era, the future of the world looks rather bleak with the health systems of many countries being further compromised. The hope lies in our new generation, which therein lies the need to save mothers and babies during this extraordinary time, and improve their outcomes in order to sustain the generation for the new world.

Good outcomes for mothers and babies can only be achieved by ensuring that health care professionals are knowledgeable, holistic, ethical, and safe; by ensuring continued acquisition of sound scientific knowledge, effective execution of ethically robust healthcare policies and guidelines, and by assuring equitable access to healthcare. These aims need to remain at the forefront of the policies of governments across all countries despite the present setbacks. The high healthcare burden to provide these, and the uncertainty of the future which gripped across Asia-Oceania countries, had therefore propelled us, the scientific committee, to place the theme of “Saving Mothers and Babies for the New World” as the aim of the FAOPS 2022 congress.

To ensure that this theme is provided justice and can make an immensely impactful difference to the Asia-Oceania nations, the scientific committee is convening speakers from across the globe to deliver a wide-range topics which include basic knowledge of resuscitating mothers and babies, antenatal care, delivery room and neonatal intensive care practices, perinatal healthcare policies, as well as ground-breaking science that can help change the outcomes mothers and babies for the betterment of the future.

In addition, we encourage submission of abstracts of good perinatal research to be shared across the countries. FAOPS 2022 is proud to collaborate with a Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE), Scopus and PubMed indexed journal - the Frontiers in Surgery, to publish accepted abstracts of scientific research and case reports submitted. The abstract reviewers appointed by our scientific committee will ensure a rigorous selection process for the abstracts, including late breaking abstracts submitted, to select those most impactful and important for presentation at the oral and poster sessions.

Although planned to be a virtual affair, the scientific committee hope that we will be able to deliver an unforgettable learning experience that will eventually equip all delegates of the congress with the necessary knowledge to save the lives of mothers and babies for our new world. I also take this opportunity to thank our Asia-Oceania perinatal healthcare workers, and sincerely pray that all of us will remain resilient and be able to embrace the new world safely together.

As mankind weeps,
Therein now the embrace,
Of the mother and her baby,
Where saving is our duty,
For the new world’s gates.

See you at FAOPS 2022!
Harap dapat bertemu anda di FAOPS 2022!